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4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks

Questions and Answers

Do 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks contain any added colour, flavours or preservatives?

No, 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, salt or sugar. 

How many doggie snacks can I feed to my dog each day?

4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are snacks and should not replace your dogs daily diet. Although they do not contain added sugars they should only be used as a treat to reward your dog. How many treats you feed your dog depends of the breed of dog and their size. Please see your local vet if you have any questions on how many treats to feed your dog.

We have a smaller breed dog, can we get smaller biscuits for them?

Yes we can make small doggie bones for smaller dogs and larger bones for larger breeds if requested.

My dog has an egg allergy, is it possible to order biscuits that are egg free?

Yes, we can tailor make biscuits on requests if your dog has allergies or special dietary needs. 

Can my cat eat these biscuits?

Yes, 4-Paws snacks can be shared with cats. There are a number of cats that also enjoy these treats as well as dogs.

 If you have further questions that we have not been able to answer on this page, please email us and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Premium Doggie Snacks

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