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4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks

4-Paws Store

4-Paws Store

Mixed Kilo (your selection of biscuit flavours)


A mixed kilo bag contains a mixture of 6 flavours or you can choose what flavours you would like in your kilo bag.

If you choose to select only a few flavours please include the flavours you would prefer when placing your order.

Choose from: Liver Chip; Berry and Apple; Cheese, Carrot and Honey; Pumpkin, Parsley and Chia with Emu Oil; Veggie Delight; Tuna and Corn; Spinach, Garlic and Ricotta; Peanut Butter

Please not we do not include Peanut Butter incase of human peanut allergies unless requested.

Please indicate what flavours you would like in your mixed kilo:

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